Tapping Their Greatness

What if your team could let go of all the distractions, re-connect with their passion for the work and for each other, and consistently function in an environment of productivity and emotional intelligence?

What if you could be the leader you always wanted to be?

Tapping Their Greatness is a two-day intensive that will re-shape, re-focus, and re-empower your team to be the leaders they should be, the ones they’ve wanted to be all along.

Sarah Singer’s high-energy, high-impact course incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements into a two-day, no-holds-barred examination of how we lead, what gets in our way, and how to maximize our time, attention, and energy into greater impact and significant fulfillment. Through group instruction, dialogue, and physical activity (yes, physical activity) Sarah will challenge your assumptions about what’s possible in your organization, and inspire you to ways of working you only dreamed of while equipping you with the tools to make it happen.

You can bring Sarah in, to do a customized TTG intensive for your team, and shift the way you ALL look at what's possible, together. 

You can also come check out the intensive yourself or with a small team, investing in your own leadership development alongside other leaders from other industries, committed to their own growth as you are. Click here to register for the next Intensive!


Tapping Their Greatness will teach your leaders to:

  • Communicate optimally with each other based on individual thinking styles
  • Understand personality conflicts and move through them without drama,refocusing on individual distinctions as resources
  • Master attention, energy and emotions to maximize impact
  • Tap into their own best versions of themselves
  • Productively push each other to openness and clarity when you know you’re skirting the issue
  • Cultivate true team camaraderie and shared purpose
  • Drown out the nagging doubts and inner voices that keep us from achieving our potential

Tapping Their Greatness

“Sarah is simply the best! I have experienced many leadership and team workshops, however nothing has been as instrumental in making positive change with my leaders as TTG and Sarah. Her unique approach to adult learning has truly shaped how quickly my teams focus and action on quality leadership. Sarah's TTG curriculum equips leaders with a strong foundation to shape, develop, and maximize their talent. In all of my years in the business, no one shows more passion, truth, and action for leadership change in today’s ever-changing business world than Sarah. Her ability to move people to a state of personal accountability is unparalleled .” -Joe Hash, Former VP Stores, Lane Bryant and Former VP Field Sales, Alliance Data

"Sarah consistently delivers focused, high-impact experiences that make a huge difference in the performance of our team." -Chris Evans, CEO, Barefoot Proximity

"[Tapping Their Greatness] opened my eyes—uncomfortably at times—to what I need to do. Not just to be a leader (or a better one? who knows?)—but to be a better person." -Jeff Brandt, Molly Wellmann Brands

"Sarah breaks down the broad concept of leadership pinto basic human behaviors & drivers by creating simple frameworks that can be applied immediately." -Jen Hirsch, Johnson & Johnson

“The once red-faced, frustrated manager is now a more patient, tuned-in leader, and I cannot imagine another day of life without the last TTG weeks of personal analysis and soul-searching.” -Ken Ruby, American Eagle Outfitters

"Sarah's energy is amazing. She successfully engages all the senses to stimulate learning that sticks. Meaningful. Actionable. Thought-provoking. I would highly recommend TTG to anyone looking to reach their full potential as a leader and as a person." -Julie Hanser, Dir. of Talent Development, Barefoot Proximity

"I've been through many leadership training opportunities, and for this one I can be an evangelist, which is a first! The years of experience and immeasurable research Sarah has done is born into a transformative experience that is easy to envision applying in my life moving forward." -Andi Ferguson, Wordsworth Communications

"Hands down the best training I've been to in my professional and personal life. I feel like I have the tools and mental understanding to tackle issues I've left unaddressed for too long. Thank you for creating that for me and more importantly the world in general. You are truly an inspiration of how to change what you feel could be improved in the world." -Joel Bodkin, Target

"Thank you for the thought-provoking, powerful education. I am so excited to put my new skills and competencies into action at work and in my personal life. Your energy is contagious and your workshop is inspiring. Every person in this room is lucky to have been here." -Sasha Appatova, Ohio Justice & Policy Center

"TTG is a true training program like no other, and it puts other training I've had to shame. TTG is eye-opening, exciting, challenging uncomfortable, and ultimately motivates toward real action and impact." -Deepa Pinter, BBDO

"This course has been eye-opening as a leader of a newly formed team. I will take the learnings back and immediately stat utilizing the tools to shape our vision and culture, and chart our course!" -Amy Hillman, Alliance Data

“A challenging experience that has are me evaluate the difference between managing and true leadership. The coaching calls simplified and organized the ideas and methods into clear actionable steps.” - Carlos

"This 2 days challenged and inspired me to lead better, think better and BE better... to bring out the best in our teams. This makes the BigWHY tangible and doable... to INSPIRE!" - Kelly Murray, The Limited, Inc.

“I wasn’t prepared for how I would feel toward the others in our group. I was so proud of my teammates and how much they had taken on in such a short period of time.” - Dee

“I wished we all had more time together to talk and share through the process… time was so rich, but went by way too fast.” - Dawn

“I tend to assess situations differently now since going through the program. It’s as if I have a fresh set of eyes. I had been doing what I do for ten years and have always been successful, yet found myself unconscious/incompetent regarding most of the TTG tools… I feel that I’ve gained so much knowledge that it’s going to take me to the next level of leadership.” -Jay

“Many of the TTG tools I will start to use automatically now. Then later I realize I just used one of the TTG models. Other times I find myself in a situation that may start to head in a direction that I didn’t intend. I can then stop, reassess , and confidently fall back on one of the TTG models to achieve my desired result. That in itself is a true success and very empowering.” - Joni

“A powerful catalyst for personal evolution.” — David Schlosser, Creative Director, Barefoot Proximity

“This training provided a comprehensive set of tools and a new framework to take my leadership effectiveness to a new level.” — Bob Moorhead, VP of Client Services, Epsilon Loyalty Marketing

" .... most practical easy to apply development techniques we ever used. Our team loves her energy and vitality --- she educates, stimulates and motivates all of us to new levels!” -Joe Kerin, Former EVP of Stores, American Eagle Outfitters

“TTG is targeted at creating emotionally intelligent, self-aware leaders. It’s amazing the amount of information, and the effectiveness of that information that Sarah packs into such a short time. Sarah is changing people, creating the leaders and organizations of the future.” -Brandon Dawson, President, Hopwater

"Sarah touched the minds and the hearts of our associates.  We have better leaders because of the work Sarah has done with us." -Julie Beckman, VP of Learning & Development, Limited Brands

“I have learned a process of introspection in an attempt to modify or change altogether, the way in which I interact and treat those I come in contact with.  The knowledge gained about how the human mind works is both interesting and comforting. I learned that although we’re all very different in many ways, we are also programmed so similarly. I feel like I have been taught a great framework for existing in society in a positive way.” -Nick Binkley, Wake Nation

“Sarah helps people set and reach their professional and personal goals through a process that is challenging, supportive and creative. She is an expert at guiding her clients versus giving them the answers, teaching them to hold themselves accountable, and celebrating their successes along the way. Sarah's Tapping Their Greatness program is life-changing and well worth the investment.” - Roz Potts Johnson, Director of Store Operations, Build-A-Bear Workshop

“Sarah is an inspiring, motivational coach / facilitator, who takes learning and innovation to new heights. She is a great resource and business partner. Her ability to help executives look at their management style and modify their approach in order to improve their performance and working relationships, is amazing. Her enthusiasm is contagious." -Mark Lubka, Director of Stores, XSRE Retail Group

...These leaders and thousands more have had a great time discovering new influence, less stress, greater relationships, more loyalty and better performance with the power of Tapping Their Greatness™ and Sarah Singer-Nourie. 

There are no shortcuts to effective leadership, but Tapping Their Greatness gets quickly and effectively to the core issues, infusing you with clear inspiration and powerful tools for impact immediately, and putting your team on the path to realizing their passion and potential.

Tapping Their Greatness
Course Materials

Along with the two-day seminar, your team will also receive the Tapping Their Greatness course guide, audio series, and “Pocket Full of Greatness” quick-reference cards.

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